Ladakh – Part Eight

First Sumit, then I hugged him tightly. I was so mesmerized by his performance, I could not even take a single picture of him rescuing my gloves. Gurdeep smiled, as-if nothing had happened – No big deal, I took mountaineering training for few days. This exercise was no big thing for me.

I was speechless, just held his hands. Totally unknown to each other, can anyone take such a risk for somebody else? We just met for few days, we’ll go back and no one knows whether we’d meet again or not after this trip – could I take this risk for him?

No, I could not take. I do not have that guts. Silently I put on the gloves, and started my bike. … More Ladakh – Part Eight


Ladakh – Part Seven

The confidence killed me. There was another layer of sand, and I thought it was also not much deep – without reducing speed I went on that and my bike lost control, I fell down on the left side. No, I was not hurt much but my right leg was trapped under the bike, it was not possible for me to push up the bike on that condition.

I waited for one and half minute until others arrived. They pushed up my bike, I stood up. No injury, no pain, but I noticed the knee guard on my left knee had been cracked into two halves. That guard saved my knee, otherwise my journey would have been ended there. … More Ladakh – Part Seven

Ladakh – Part Six

We walked slowly towards the palace. The lane was steep at some points – and there I could realize I was not as young as them. Sumit, Gurdeep and lovebirds were climbing the steps with ease, where I was having to take rest after every four-five steps. So others also had to stop to keep pace with me. Anyway, nobody seemed to be annoyed because of that. They were utilizing the time by clicking photos, and Ms Preeti was tirelessly posing in different angles for her boyfriend’s camera. … More Ladakh – Part Six

Ladakh – Part Five

But romanticism did not last long. It was not at all a pleasant experience riding through the snow-fall. Soon I realized, my fingers inside the “special gloves” bought from Karol Bagh have frozen, they were paining like hell. Here the visor of helmet was getting covered by snow, and the vision was getting blurred. Even inside the helmet the visor was generating frost from the moisture coming out of my exhaled breath. I was wiping off the visor through my gloves, the gloves was becoming white in ice, then patting my hand on my thigh to clear off the ice from my gloves, and in the mean time again some snow was getting deposited on my helmet visor. It was a never-ending process. … More Ladakh – Part Five

Ladakh – Part Four

After some distance, the pass ended, and so ended the snow walls. It was now descend. Not much tough to pass, but there were few challenging stretches. Ice-cold waters flowing on the road, and loose gravels and pebbles below that. The water was somewhere very little, somewhere it was considerably deep. You have to cross the water stream on first gear, without pressing the clutch, maintaining the balance. I was not much prepared, so I had to sacrifice a bit by wetting my shoe and socks. … More Ladakh – Part Four

Ladakh – Part Three

It happened so fast, that I could not do anything. I was feeling like, I would cry out loudly. My favorite bike, my Pulsar 200 NS, on the second day I broke its view finder! The shopkeeper and another person helped to get the bike straight on its wheels, they put the main stand, I collected the helmet from under the truck. We both now tied the luggage, it was better than my single effort, of course. The shopkeeper suggested to purchase some nylon rope from any hardware shop ahead and re-tie it. Best would be, if I get jute rope. Because nylon rope has a general tendency of getting slipped. … More Ladakh – Part Three

Ladakh – Part Two

But, oh God, why can’t I sleep? First time in my life, the hangover of my day-long ride is not releasing me. The moment I am closing my eyes, I am hallucinating like, I am still riding my bike, and I am about to collide with a truck in front of me. My body is shaking, I opened my eyes. No, I am not riding my bike, I am at the hotel bed, sleeping at the air conditioned comfort. Again closed my eyes, again a truck is coming towards me, why am I not focusing? The truck will crush me in seconds … no, I cannot lose my focus, I cannot close my eyes … again waking up, and discovering myself at the comfort of a soft bed, an air conditioned room. Again close eyes, again trucks are coming forward … don’t lose concentration … … More Ladakh – Part Two