Ladakh – Part Twelve (and Last)

I was sleeping, but it was not a full sleep. I could hear sounds of songs being played inside the Dhaba – old Hindi songs; Mohammad Rafi, Asha Bhonsle … was that Bani Jayram? I could hear Sumit ordering Lassi, Gurdeep ordering lunch, I could hear the Dhaba man was saying “Yahaan se do kilometer aage ek nehr hai, wahan thanda paani milega, chaaho toh jaa kar nahaa kar aa jaao.” (Two kilometers from here you’d get a canal, you can go and take a bath there, the water is cold). I was not actually sleeping; I was rather in a semi-conscious mode. After some time I got back to my sense, sat straight on the chair; and asked for some water. … More Ladakh – Part Twelve (and Last)


Ladakh – Part Eleven

While stationary, you get chance to talk to your fellow riders, but while riding it is horribly boring. The darkness, broken road, countless negotiations with trucks – the brain behaves differently in this situation. I started singing a song myself, after sometime I found myself reciting a childhood rhyme – Amader chhoto nodi chole aanke-baanke. I murmured as long as I could remember and then I discovered myself singing another song – Jab koi baat bigad jaaye – and then again I was reciting something else – Aami jakhon chhoto chhilam, khelte jetam megher dole. … More Ladakh – Part Eleven

Ladakh – Part Ten

Yes, I was literally “thrown out” of my moving bike, but I actually landed in slow motion in a very, very soft cushion of ice, I was not hurt at all. The bike was lying at the other side of the narrow road. But I took no chance; I sat idle for few seconds, making sure my breathing rate does not increase. Oxygen is very, very scarce here. … … More Ladakh – Part Ten